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Dear Molly,I can’t believe I’m writing to you, after all these years of reading your column. I would never have thought that my wife and I would have problems at the table. We have always had a great dining life, despite sticking to relatively vanilla foods. I’m usually the one pushing for us to try delving into some more exotic meals together or going for that fourth course, but Jane usually declines. I never was bothered, because I always figured she was completely satisfied with my straightforward cooking. Sure, we stick to simple meals, but we do them better than anyone...


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Sex on the ATV with a young whore

Galleon couldn’t keep his mind off of Chloe that whole night. He wondered what she had been doing before he came back the second time. Was she masturbating? he wondered. The whole situation was kind of confusing for Galleon. He had just met this complete stranger and all he could do was envision himself making love to her. I don’t even know her last name, but she is the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen, he thought. Finally it dawned on him that he would ask her out on a true date, maybe a nice dinner and then a stroll through...


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She had a bad dream and when she wakes up she makes him fuck her to forget the nightmare

Tackling the age old question... are two heads better than one?I remember some years back, I was about 25-26 tears old and working my ass off building homes. The constant back pain was always on my mind and consequently a part of several conversations I had trying to find relief. I tried massage, heating pads and enough liniments to stock a pharmacy shelf, with little success. Then one day my buddy Ian invited me and my girlfriend over for an evening of dinner and drinks, which sounded great. I talked it over with Katie who sounded happy she wouldn't have to...


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