Xxx Movies With Adults From Bihor Filmed When Undressing

Xxx Movies With Adults From Bihor Filmed When Undressing

Things you should know. To the best of our recall, this is how it all happened. Very little time has passed. Enough for us to have spent the last hour in bed, tangled together, the taste of her ass and pussy smeared all over my lips and me, still so desperate to cum that I would do anything- “We could make this into a story for your site.” “It’s not mine, and I don’t know.” “You’ve been after me forever to write with you.” “Not this.” “Yes. This.” Earlier. Things you should know. I’m naked, at least from the waist down. That was true a moment ago. Since then, I’ve told her to remove her top. She’s naked. The blinds are up. It’s cold out. Winter has settled in with a vengeance. She’s shivering a little, being close to the window. I love how it makes her nipples stiffen. If you look closely you can detect the shine of saliva on them. Her lips as well. She’s beautiful, my little fuck girl. Transcendent is more like it. Not so long ago I gave her a choice. We were playing with a friend online and I told her- She gave me a choice. Either I could cum, or my friend could. For the record, when she says “we” were playing, it’s misleading. I was simply chatting. Flirting, even, but not playing. She took over and made me watch while I- I edited that for her. Played with herself doesn’t do justice to what she was doing. Fucked herself to the brink of orgasm, the fingers of one hand deep inside her cunt while she frantically rubbed at her clit. I was helping her when my fingers weren’t busy on the keypad, taking a moment to wet one of them in my mouth before easing it into her tight, little, not so virgin, ass. It was easy enough to do, seeing as she was laying on the sofa, legs spread, one foot on the floor, the other on the back of the seat, giving me a lovely view of her dripping wet pussy. So vulnerable it made my heart ache. Desperate as well. I could see it in her face how she wanted to be selfish, to give into her basest desires and explode with ecstasy, but I know my girl well. “Let her cum,” she whispered, her eyes wide, thinking that, perhaps this once, I’d show mercy. She didn’t, though. Instead, she simply kept typing, telling me that yes, she’d let her cum, but that I wasn’t allowed. Nor was I allowed to stop playing with myself. “Perhaps I should make the same deal,” she chuckled. “What deal?” I whimpered, gasping turned, once again pushing a single, slender digit into my ass, my hips lifting involuntarily, welcoming the invasion, my ring closing around it, pulsing, trapping her inside of me as I felt myself lift off the couch, trembling and shaking, so overcome with need that I thought I might pass out at any moment. I could actually feel my eyes roll back in my head. “I told her she could only come in front of witnesses.” Witnesses. Plural. I didn’t ask, although I certainly suspected. “How badly do you need to-” “Bad!” I interrupted, already agreeing to the deal. I knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t do anything I wouldn’t eventually forgive her for. “Stay put,” was all she said, and I, like a good girl, stayed put as she picked up her phone and left the room. And now, I’m sitting here, naked, trembling and nervous and full of unfulfilled desire, obeying her as she tells me to look out the window. Things you should know. Sydney, our neighbor, is my best friend aside from my wife. She’s also an occasional playmate. She’s sexy and pretty and fun, and she enjoys playing pee games with me from time to time. Our living room window looks across a small strip of yard into her dining room window. Sometimes we talk across the lawn with the windows open. That’s during the summer. during the winter it’s usually with hand motions or large scrawled notes. Sometime we flirt, too, blowing kisses, flashing each other, all in fun. Today wasn’t about fun. She was watching, seated on a dining room chair turned, arms folded across the back, chin resting on one forearm. And, I was said, I was naked, although she could only see my upper half- Her tits, is what she meant to say. Her perky little b-cups with the delightfully stiff nipples. Just to make sure they were still stiff I give them each a playful little kiss- Not at all playful or little. She took great delight in turning my towards her and sucking on them while Sydney watched with apparent amusement, her smile bright and beguiling. And she didn’t stop there. I cried out softly as she bit into them, her teeth feeling sharper then they had any right to be. “Show her my pussy,” she said with a cruel grin, egging me on, giving my bottom a smack as I stood up on the sofa and pressed myself against the window, mashing my boobs against the cold glass with a gasp, palms flat against the pane, watching my neighbor as she got a glimpse of what lay beneath my boobs. “Spread those legs a little, baby, so I can…” She didn’t finish the sentence, as I had my legs spread for her before she could, my eyes and hips rolling in tandem as she pushed her tongue beneath my cheeks while reaching around and slipping her fingers into my dripping wet cunt, fucking both hole
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s while Sydney simply watched. “Good girls get to cum,” she announced at one point, giving me hope. “Am I a good girl?” I dared, my fingers curled up into fists, the cold playing havoc with my overheated body as she tongue fucked and finger fucked me in front of my best friend and, incidentally, anyone else who might be watching, not that I cared. “You’re a nasty little girl,” I told her, correcting her. This was how the game was played. Make her desperate enough where she’d cross lines she’d sworn never to cross. Push her to the limits, but let her make her own choices. Never once forcing her to do something she secretly didn’t wish to do but was too shy to admit to. “Nasty girls need to cum too.” “Nasty girls do whatever they are told to do.” I felt the sting of her hand on my ass leaving my flesh burning, tears running down my cheeks as she drew the nails of both hands down the insides of my thighs hard enough to leave bright pink lines, or so it felt like. And then, her fingers once more, in my pussy. I simply surrendered, my gaze locked on the window across the way, watching as Sydney unbuttoned her jeans and slipped her hand into the waistband of her panties, playing with herself while Kate played, or rather toyed, with me. Things you should know. Sydney has a boyfriend. Or lover. Or significant other. His name is Max. He’s seen me naked, although I’ve never had sex with him. What she is artfully leaving out is, she’s had sex with Sydney while Sydney was having sex with him, licking her pussy while she’s given him a blow job or having hers licked while he fucked Sydney from behind. All true, but that said, I have never had sex with him.  Also worth mentioning is that Sydney’s pissed all over her tits and her pussy while Max watched on, jerking off and where did he cum, you may ask? On my face. On my beautiful little fuck girl’s face. Once. So far. Things you should know. I’m naked, but so is she. At least from the waist down. We have one of those dildos with a suction cup on the base. Hands free. It adheres perfectly to the dining room chairs. She’s rising slowly up and down on it as we slide the lap top back and forth, sitting so closely together I can feel her hip brush against mine every with each movement. She thinks she’s so clever, insisting that I insert our remote controlled vibrator into my pussy, teasing me as I try to write, or while she’s writing, or in between. It’s ingeniously cruel. You should see her squirm every time I hit the button. She’s got a little bit of drool forming at the corner of her mouth. It’s dead sexy and yet incredibly cute. She whimpers, too, whenever I turn it on. Or off. Or she thinks I’m about to. Things you should know. I still haven’t cum. Sydney did as I watched, treating me like her own private porn show, eyes glued to me as Max settled in behind her, his hand cupping her ample breasts under her sweater, massaging and fondling and groping them as she masturbated across the way until finally, she tensed, her mouth falling open. With the windows closed, I couldn’t hear her, but I knew she’d orgasmed hard. After that- I have to assume they did what we did. Retired to the bedroom and fucked. Things you should know. It had started out as a joke during a chat session with yet another close friend. Cotton candy and pillow fights. Earlier I’d related it to Kate and she’d shared it with Sydney and it became a thing. Girl’s night. A sleep over of sorts. Tonight at 7pm. Not much time to get ready- Not that we need much time. Dress code? Pretty underwear. For one night I don’t mind turning the heater up so everyone is comfortable running around half naked. After all, it’s the holidays, we just got some very good news regarding a health scare, and we’re coming up on our one year anniversary. This weekend is all about celebrating. We also plan on getting high so there are absolutely no inhibitions. Perhaps there will be a sequel at some point. Or not. Things you should know. I’m a lot shyer then people realize. There will be someone I know, but not well, in the mix tonight, making me nervous. That’s why I suggested getting high. Otherwise- She turns into Kitty Girl and hides under the dining room table until I make her come out. It’s true, I admit. Not always, but often enough to be a concern. She has a pee fetish that she hasn’t indulged in for a very long time. Tonight, is all about relaxing and letting go- Not something I’d do in front of- Now you understand why I want her wanting and desperate. Things you should know. It’s 5:45 and she just came. Again. Me? Yes, I am just desperate enough to do anything she asks of me. For now, I need to submit this, join her for a quick shower, and find some pretty underwear to put on before guests arrive. Things you should know. This was a collaboration between my wife, who is also a talented writer, and I. For those curious, she’s already laid out a matched set of pastel green panties and a bra for me to wear. She’s chosen red. Oh, and no, we’re not going to greet people at the door dressed only in our undies. That would just be awkward, right?

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