Sex in nature with Romans Fut Curve in all holes

Sex in nature with Romans Fut Curve in all holes

After such an exciting time at the reunion ball game Joan and I took a nap at the hotel. I woke up to the smell of sex. Joan was sitting astride my face slowly grinding her cunt on my mouth. I could taste all the strange cum that was flowing from her vagina. I sucked and slurped Joan's cunt. I stuck my tongue in her ass. She started humping my whole face. I was fully engulfed in her juices. We moved to a classic 69. Joan moaned, "Suck meeee. Cuming". I exploded into her mouth. Joan kept sucking until I was limp and dry. We both fell back on the bed. I asked "What brought that on?" Joan said, "This reunion brings back such hot memories. I've been horny since the invitation." We needed to get ready for the Prom. We showered together, spending lots of time on each others private parts. I got my tux. I stayed true to the high school prom theme. My tux was powder blue with a ruffled shirt, black cummerbund and black bow time. I thought I looked pretty spiffy. Joan was in the bedroom getting ready. She had gone to the hotel spa for a hairdo, nails and waxing. I love that Joan keeps her mound smooth and bald. Joan came out of the bedroom and posed for me. Her prom dress was stunning. It was all white lace showing most of her private parts. It had full sleeves, a deep V neck, bare back and a slit up to mid hip. I walked over to her, pulled her into my arms and gave her a deep passionate kiss. As I held her, it was obvious she wore no undergarments. I said, "Is this what you wore to the prom?" Joan said, "I wore a lot less then." We took the elevator down to the lobby. I had ordered a limousine to take us to the prom at Belle Meade Country Club. We were sharing the limo with a few of Joan's friends. With us were Joan's best friend Carol and her partner Betty. Carol was a willowy blond, and she wore a very short black dress with a low cut front. Betty is a little chubby with short cut hair. She is smart and can talk to anyone on any subject. She wore black dress tights and a vivid Bolero jacket. Also with us were Jim the quarter back and his wife Jane. Jim had on a traditional black tux and tie. He has the handsome looks and athletic grace of a confident man. Jane had on a soft peach transparent gown and short hem that emphasized her fabulous long legs. Her red hair was put up in a french twist. Tad, Tim and Ted tried to go with us, but the limo was full. The limo seating was three reclining leather benches all facing the middle. In the middle, there was a small table with a center scooped out to hold champagne. The chauffeur was behind a smoked glass window and was blocked from hearing us. We were in a giggly mood. Joan toasted us, "Old friends and fuck buddies." We sipped champagne and the classmates reminisced about the good old days. Joan and Jane pushed their recliners back into a prone position. Jim was staring up Joan's dress and I'm sure he could see her bald mound. I was staring up Jane's dress and could see she was wearing a transparent thong. Carol and Betty were passionately making out. Betty's hand was underneath Carol's skirt and she was obviously fingering her. We pulled into the circular driveway up to the colonnaded front portico. We got ourselves put back together as the uniformed chauffeur opened our doors. We walked into a grand entrance room. There are marble floors, tables with elaborate flower arrangements and the discrete front desk. The walls were lined with paintings of famous members. There were several corridors off of the entryway that led to sumptuous suites reserved for distinguished guests. We were all a little awestruck. We looked around like country rubes. The doors to the grand ballroom were open. We could hear some music and buzzing conversations. We walked in and were greeted by all the classmates. There was a small band playing and people were dancing. The band was playing hits of the graduation year, country classics and few swing tunes. The six of us went up to the bar and ordered drinks. We found a table beside the dance floor. Jim asked Joan to dance. The song was "Cowboy Take me away." Joan melted into Jim's arms. They swept around the floor. Back in high school Joan and Jim were an item. They broke up because neither of them could remain faithful. Joan leaned back and looked up at Jim. She smiled. He smiled. Jim put his hand on her ass and pulled her into him. Joan ground her bald mound into his leg. I looked over at Jane to gauge her reaction to them dancing. Jane turned to me and shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I asked Jane for the next dance. The song was "Faithless Love." I led her to the dance floor. She put one arm around my neck and the other around my waist. I pulled her to me. I could feel her breathing deepen as we moved around the floor. She leaned back, looked up me and said, "This feels so nice." She started moving sensuously against me. I could feel her breasts rub against my chest. I could feel it when she ground her cunt on my leg. I got hard and pressed my erection into her. The dance ended and we went back to the table. We were both flushed with lust. Joan looked at us and said, "That looked like fun." I answered, "It was fun. It looked like you and Jim had a good time." Jim and I switched chairs so that he was sitting with Joan and I was sitting with Jane. Both of us started rubbing our partners legs. Carol and Betty smirked at us. Carol said, "If there's a party, Betty and I are coming." We all sat there in comfortable stillness. I ordered another round of martinis for the table. The Thong Song came on. All the women at our table got up to dance. It was a wild spectacle. Joan pulled up the slit in her dress and showed off her ass and bald mound. Jane bounced toward our table with her skirt over her head. They got into a Conga like line and flipped their dresses up. On the dance floor decadence was the theme of the day. All the men were whooping
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and clapping. The dance ended with a lot of sweat and blushing. Ted came over to our table and said, "You know my father is the chair of the board here." Joan, ever bold, spoke up, "Can you get us into the suites?" Ted said, "Sure, they all have two king sized beds, spa like baths and well stocked wet bars." I looked around and counted the potential number and combinations of sex partners - seven. I said, "Well why don't we discretely go our separate ways to the suite." We all got up and began to mingle with the crowd, then separately meander to the suite that Ted had arranged.Joan and I where the last to get there. Carol and Ted were slow dancing. Jim and Betty were seated on the couch making out. Jane was seated on an armchair, Her face glowing. She said, "Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah." Joan walked over to Ted, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Mind if I cut in?" Carol beamed and put her arms around Joan's neck. They held each other tight and had their hands all over each other. The dance ended. They embraced and exchanged a passionate, tongue swirling kiss. Joan eased the top of Carol's dress down, exposing a pair of perfect breasts. Her breasts were the size of a cupped hand. Her nipples were jutting out, erect and her chest was flushed deep red. Joan's pulled the straps of her gown down her beautiful breasts out in the open for all to see. Carol leaned toward Joan and softly circled her nipples with her nipples. Joan took Carol's face in her hands and kisses her deeply and tenderly. Joan moaned, "I've missed you so much."  I was overwhelmed by the sexual spectacle of Joan with another woman. Jane, still in the chair, gestured to me to come over to her. I could see her nipples jutting out. Her transparent dress left her nearly naked. I reached to touch her breasts. They were soft and fit right into my hands. I pulled her to her feet and embraced her. I back walked her to one of the king sized beds. Jane started to undress me. It took some effort because of the tuxedo buttons. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes and said to Jane, 'May I?" I pulled Jane's dress over her head. All she had on was the transparent thong. I felt her cunt. She was soaking wet. I tugged the thong off. We both got on the bed, clinging to each other. We were in lust. We were touching each other's private places. I felt the bed move and saw Joan and Carol lie down beside us. They were both naked. They were beautiful. Joan pulled me to her and gave me a deep, soulful kiss.I kissed every inch of Jane's body. I lingered at her tits, sucking and gently nibbling on her nipples. I continued down until I got to her shaved mound. She smelled wonderful. Her vaginal outer lips were red and slightly puffy. I licked her from her rosebud to her clit. I sucked on it. She moaned, "Ahhh," and wrapped her legs around my neck. Her juices were flowing. I buried my face in her cunt. She started humping my face. Her moves were getting frantic. She cried out, "Oh fuck. I'm coming." I put a pillow under her ass. I moved between her legs. My cock hovered at the entrance to her cunt. I heard Joan say, "Dick, stick it in her." I briefly looked over at Joan and Carol. Carol was kneeling on top of Joan. They were tribbing, bald cunt to bald cunt. Joan had her hands around Carol's ass, pulling her ever more tightly to her. Carol's small breasts were heaving. Her nipples were puffy. She lay down beside Carol. They crossed their legs together and started a scissoring move. Joan groaned, "Oh Carol, Oh Fuck." I turned my my attention back to Jane. I moved my hips so that the head of my cock was in her cunt. I stopped and looked down at her. Her face was flushed red and she was pulling on her nipples. I pushed the rest of my cock into Jane. She hot, wet and tight. I stopped again and reveled in her sex. Jane reached down and started fingering her clit. Her eyes were glossy. She cried out, "Oh Dick. Fuck meee." I started stroking deeply into her. My cock was immersed in her cunt. I looked down at where we were joined. My cock was soaked with her dripping juices. I was in sexual paradise. I could feel her cunt tugging at my prick. Her vaginal walls were like hungry lips. Jane pulled herself up to me and rubbed her body on mine. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her humping deep and out of control. She was making sexual babbling sounds. "Ungh. Garrr. Oh Oh." I plunged and plunged into her cunt. Both of us were like wild animals rutting. Sweat ran off my face. I lost control. I shot stream after stream into her. My cock kept jolting with pleasure. Jane's eyes rolled back. She was thrashing her head around on the bed. She groaned, "FFFuck. Cock sucker. Cumming, cumming." I collapsed on her. We clung to each other. Our breathing was ragged. I was dimly aware that the bed was shaking. Carol and Joan were in a 69. Their tongues were lashing each other's cunt. Both of their faces were soaked in vaginal juices. Joan began making muffled keening sounds, "Eeeee, Ohhhhh, Cuuunt Cumming." Carol responded with her own sex sounds, "Joan. Lick. Sexxxx." They fell on their sides. They were grinning like the Cheshire cat. Panting and gently touching each other. On the other bed Ted and Jack were double fucking Betty. Ted was in her ass and Jack in her cunt. Betty was moaning, "Cock. Cock. I need cock." We watched as they froze and came with abandon. The room was silent except for some sighing. We all decided we couldn't go back into the ballroom. Ted picked up the room phone and ordered our Limo to come to the back door. We got into the limo. Our clothes were disheveled and the car smelled like sex. Back at the hotel we all hugged each other. The classmates promised to keep in touch. In our room Joan said, "Did you like fucking Jane?" I said I really liked it. I said, "Joan I didn't know you liked sex with women." Joan smiled and said, "I like all sex." the end

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