Sex With Dwarf Xxx Gives Into A Virgin's Tears Until Her Blood Flows

Sex With Dwarf Xxx Gives Into A Virgin's Tears Until Her Blood Flows

Dormant, she sleeps until awakened byOne who steps in through vision and dreamsDream's Master He calls her unto HimselfNeither slave nor a strumpet is sheThen gently she's set upon potter's wheelAgain, with a sighmust He mold, sift and shapeTools now by His sideunseen by the commonHe begins, steadfast inmercy and graceUndaunting this task Quest now set in loveskilled Master's stripe each stroke with itbrings true understandingMany a time brought to nothing then rebuilt Cast in furnace afflictionVeracity proving hertrueTenacious
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potter continues  Love never ending 'tilperfection in beauty she standsCalled to belong before eventhat of her birthfor such a time as thisMy daughter, ariseSeat yourselfin this kingdom wherein lay secretsthe annals of manHis love measurespriceless her worthA treasure, that farabove rubies and gold Drawn there a plumblinein an unseeing world  Where standards are highertherein, all eternity waits As destiny callsa diadem glitters brightOn shores of humbled compassionwith unyielding grace acknowledgedno longer Princess but a Queen

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