The girl elegantly fucked in her little asshole

The girl elegantly fucked in her little asshole

-- ST. LOUIS -- Scott got a solid job offer in St. Louis five years ago. By that point we had been together a year and half and had become addicted to how hot and sweet the relationship was. When he told me about his promotion and said, "I'll suck your dick if you move to St. Louis with me." I said, "You'll suck it anyway! But if you do a good enough job, I'll consider it." I playfully grabbed the top of his head and pushed his face to my belt. He laughed and tackled me, ripped open my jeans, ate my cock and drank my cum on the kitchen floor. He did a damned good job, as he always did, so I moved with him to St. Louis. I settled in there okay. For a steady income, I got a job as bartender at the corner pub. Around the time Scott and I met, I had started freelancing as an editor. Since I managed most of my contracts through email and Skype, it did not matter where I lived. Even in St. Louis I could continue to develop my business, and I did. But -- I had grown up in Philly and although St. Louis, nice as it was, just wasn't quite doing it for me. After a few years, neither where Scott's blow jobs. His career as a sales exec was stressing him out and he started bringing that tension home with him. My erratic bartending schedule complicated things, too, and both issues worked against us having time to keep our relationship healthy. One night the bar was dead so the manager let me leave early. When I got home I heard someone banging Scott upstairs in the bedroom. I stood in the foyer and listened. It was strange to hear Scott putting more energy into sex with a stranger than he did any more with me. It was even more telling to realize that I was less upset about Scott's cheating than I was curious about what the guy pumping a cock into my boy friend looked like -- did he have a broad back, was his butt round and tight, were his balls low and heavy, and were they bouncing on Scott's ass causing that faint double slapping sound I was hearing? Scott yelled out, "Yeah, fuck me!"That broke the spell for me. I quietly put my keys down on the hall table and went to the kitchen bar. I poured myself a scotch and went to the living room. I made myself comfortable on the couch. My newest editing project was on the coffee table, so I picked it up and started working. About thirty minutes later, I heard an unfamiliar voice calling from the top of the staircase, "Are there beers in the fridge? I'll get us some."He thumped down the stairs with his eyes on his feet. When he got to the bottom landing he looked up and saw me. He froze. I satisfied my curiosity by scanning his naked body. His back was not broad and his butt was flat. His decent but average cock was glistening with lube. I was right about that slapping sound though. He had big balls hanging beautifully in a low, loose sack. Impressive, I thought then said, "Beer is in the fridge. Help yourself."He gaped at me a moment then covered his crotch with his hands and ran back upstairs. Ten minutes later he walked downstairs, fully dressed, and out the front door.I picked up my work again and held it as if reading, but my mind was a jumble. When Scott came down in shorts he stuttered, cried, pleaded and, finally, cursed me because I was dumbly just sitting there, not responding. Eventually, I said, "Scott, look, don't worry about it. I'm going to my office and do some editing."I went, but could not concentrate on anything. I was up until 3:00 am browsing Internet porn and beating off, three times. When I had exhausted all of my tension, I crawled into bed beside Scott. He had changed the sheets. I remember them smelling very clean.A month later, Scott helped me load my car and wished me a somewhat sad farewell. I drove back to Philly and unloaded my stuff into a three-story row home in West Philadelphia.-- PHILLY --My freelance business had done well while I was in St. Louis. So, when I decided to re-settle back East, I was able to invest in my first home. On the Internet, I found a Victorian-style row home that had been empty for almost three years. The price had dropped progressively since it first went on the market. By the time I was looking to buy, it had fallen into my price range. So, I bought it. The house suffered from being abandoned for so long but it was still livable. I had the utilities turned on and moved in immediately. Since the only things I owned were packed in my car, I would need to get some furniture. At first, though, I simply bought a mattress and threw it on the floor in the second story bedroom. The mattress on the hardwood floor was comfortable enough, but I did not sleep well the first few days. It was summer and all of the windows were open. During the night, every sound on the street echoed loudly in the empty three-story house. I expected to get used the noises of my new neighborhood, in time, but the first few nights I was often startled out of a good sleep by noises that seemed to come from upstairs. By the fourth night, I believed I could distinguish different types of sounds. Street noises seemed to have a reverberating, echoing quality to them. Yet, there were other night-time noises that still seemed to be coming from inside the house, from upstairs. These sounds started after mid-night and appeared for all the world as if someone was moving around above -- perhaps in the attic.Squirrels. I thought it must be squirrels. These old houses had attic vents that squirrels sometimes broke into. I figured I'd have to hire an exterminator.Then one night I discovered it wasn't squirrels at all.-- INTRUDER -- I got up around 4:00 am to take a leak and felt my way in the dark from my bed to the bathroom at the base of the third-floor stairs. It took several seconds for me to realize someone was coming down the stairs as I walked toward the bathroom. The shape was short and a little hunched. It was a person, a guy, and he was tip-toeing but the stairs were old and they creaked. I froze. The guy on the stairs did not see me. He reached the bottom of the stairs and headed into the bathroom that I had intended to use.Light from a street lamp leaked into the house. In the faint glow I could see that he was naked and had long, dark hair. My heart beat fast, blood pulsed in my throat, and the adrenaline pouring into my veins made me start shaking. I was naked too, but the guy had still not seen me. As he put his hand on the door knob to the bathroom, I yelled in a full-throated roar, not a scream, but a panicked, inarticulate "Arghhh!".The guy dropped instantly into a crouch. He raised his hands in defense and gave out a series of yelps, "Haa! Haa! Haa!..." It took a second or two for me to realize that he was more frightened than I was. In a flash it came to me that he was not a burglar and had no weapons. What burglar breaks into houses naked? This stranger must have been living in my house on the top floor. It was him I had heard moving around every night."What! What are you doing in my house?" I hissed. "Sorry, sorry, ... sorry!" he said in a quivering whisper. The fear in his voice was clear and I switched from defensive to offensive mode. "What the fuck are you doing in MY house??" I yelled.He crouched lower with both hands on the floor. If he sprang up he could either attack me or dive down the back stairs into the kitchen and escape. He hesitated and seemed not to be able to decide what to do.I was bent forward with a hand on the wall, but not down on the floor as he was. There was a pause between us and I noticed that my skin glowed white in the street lamp light. He was a darker figure and his skin appeared chestnut, and his eyes were very dark. They fixed on me. His chest was heaving, gulping air.Without yelling this time, I asked with a tremble in my voice, "What are you doing in my house?"He did not speak for several seconds. Then he said in an accented voice, "I have lived here for many months." "What?" "I live upstairs, under the roof. I have no where else to live. Is this your house now?" I raised my voice,"Fuck yeah! It's my house. What do you mean 'under the roof'?"He did not answer for a few breaths then said, "I will leave. Right away." And he rose slowly from the crouch. His hands came up, palms forward as a defensive sign to hold me off. "I will leave now. Will get my things." He stuttered and cautiously inched toward the stairs.It was all so bizarre. The adrenaline in my veins was waning. This guy was no threat. He was frightened. He wanted to run. And he was naked. I also noticed he had a muscular, slender body. "Uh, wait!" I barked, startling both of us again. "Wait. What's going on here?" I asked.He paused with his hands on the banister, about to dash upstairs. "No, seriously. Stop. Wait. Don't run. What are you doing here?" I blurted out.He froze again and looked at me with a puzzled tilt of the head. "I have lived in this empty house. You are here, so I will leave now. Very sorry."Now I was just getting fucking curious. "You live here?" I stammered. "Really? How long?" I relaxed my stance and stood upright. So did he. His arms were not big but the muscles were clear in the street light, his waist was narrow and his crotch was dark and heavy looking.The light shined through the window behind him, so I must have been more illuminated in my pale, nakedness. Curiosity or interest suppressed his fear. He stood and dropped his arms by his side."Yes. I have no home. I live here this year. In the roof room. But I will leave. Please don't call the police." I blinked a couple of seconds. "Police? Uhh. No. I won't. What is your name?"-- FALLING -- "Mua, I am named Mua." "My name is Lee. You can't live here any more. This is my house now." "Yes. I understand. I will get my clothes." And he started up the stairs."No, you don't have to leave tonight. It's 4 am, for god's sake." Mua was moving up the steps, turned to look back at me, then lost his footing and fell hard, hitting his head on a step. It was such a loud thud that I cringed. His body slid down in a sickening, dead floppy way until his feet were on the landing."Oh, shit!" I said and rushed over to him. I turned him on his back then lifted and moved his head and shoulders until he was lying flat on the floor."Oh, shit, shit shit!" I repeated. There was a dark streak running from the right eye brow down the side of his face. I stood and reached inside the bathroom door to flip on the light which then flooded the hall and lit up Mua's body.I knelt down quickly to see if he was breathing. He was, quietly, and I figured he had been knocked out. I went into the bathroom and soaked a hand towel with cold water. Then I bent over Mua and laid it across his forehead, using the end of it to dab at the cut above his eye.Nothing happened for about 15 seconds, while I anxiously asked myself what the fuck I should do. But then his eye lids began flickering and slowly opened. Mua stared up at me blankly at first then he startled and tried to sit up and squirm away from me. The pain in his head stopped him immediately and he dropped back to the floor putting a hand to the towel on his forehead."Ahhhh," he moaned. "Relax. You fell on the stairs and knocked yourself out. Just lie still and let me look at that cut." The cut in his brow was not very deep and the bleeding had stopped already."It'll be alright. I don't think you need stitches." I said sitting cross-legged on the floor beside him. His breathing sped up quit a bit. I put my open palm on his hairless chest, "Calm down. Just calm down." He closed his eyes and tried to relax.Under my hand his breathing slowed and I became aware of how boney he was. The skin was tight on his breast bone and ribs and glowed a rich brown in the bathroom light. And it was warm. I noted that his nipples were small and a darker brown. Then my hand drifted down to rest in the crater of his belly. He definitely needed to eat more.Sliding from my hand downward, my gaze moved to the small but dense patch of black hair over his dick and balls. The dick was perhaps the only place on him that had some meat to it. Its plum-shaped head was clear to see under the generous and thick foreskin which ran to a puckered nipple beyond its tip. His balls were like medium-sized grade A eggs slung in a loose sack between his thighs.I scanned back up his body to find him staring at me and I quickly took my hand from his stomach. "You need to eat more." I said quickly. "I have no job. No money." "What have you been eating?" He was silent and dropped his gaze down to his own chest. "I eat what I find... What I find on the street, behind people's houses." "Your eating out of trash cans then." I said flatly. He nodded."Do you ask people for money to buy food?" There were many panhandlers in Philadelphia and I just assumed that someone hungry on the streets would be asking for help."I do not beg!" He answered roughly and shot me a sharp look. "Maybe you should have. You're starving. And...," I paused as I began to notice a slightly sour and musty smell coming from him. "And, I think you need a bath."That totally embarrassed him. He tried to sit up. "I am very sorry. I will go put on clothes and prepare to leave." "Whoa! No. I didn't mean to make you feel bad." "There was no water in this house." He mumbled. "There is now though. Let's get you cleaned up a bit, and wash that blood off of your face.""Come on. I'll help you up, Moo." "Mua," he corrected and raised an arm for me to pull him up. I stood and, instead of taking his hand, reached mine under his arms to lift him. He was even lighter than I expected, and he wobbled when I got him to his feet. He put his arm over my shoulder and I wrapped one around his slight waist. The naked sides of our bodies rubbed against each other as we shuffled into the bathroom. "You do not have to help me," he complained. "If I don't you'll fall, and you might already have a concussion. "Plus, I don't know about you, but I still have to piss. We were both headed to the bathroom, right?" "Yes. I must use the restroom."I chuckled a bit. The way he spoke was kind of 'stiff'. "Where are you from, originally?" Mua looked over at me with apprehension. "Seriously, tell me. I don't work for the government, but I do own this house, and I'm curious." I smiled at him. "Bali.""Bali. How did you end up in Philadelphia?" "I was at the University of Pennsylvania, but the agency who paid my way stopped paying. I had to quit. I did not want to go home and could not buy a ticket anyway.""Seriously, they just left you stranded? Here, you pee in the toilet, I'll use the tub." "Yes. They stopped paying
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." He wobbled and reached for his head. "Here. Let me hold you up while you take a leak."-- HEALING -- I stood against him with my arm around his waist and my hand flat on his stomach. It was interesting to feel his abs flex and quiver as he tried to relax and pee. I would have had a hard time letting go also, I guess.He held his dick with his left hand and drew his foreskin back with his thumb. The head of his dark dick was bright pink with a large flare. It looked like it would feel really good in my mouth, filling it from side to side with a firm, spongy feel on the tongue.I was staring at his dick. After a few moments it was clear that he could not let his stream go. I looked up to see him staring askance at me."It is strange to have someone watch," he said. I laughed and slapped his stomach with my hand. He flinched. "Yeah, sorry. It would probably make me tense too, but if I don't hold you you will probably fall. I don't want to end up calling an ambulance for you. I'm guessing you don't have insurance." His eyes got very wide and there was fear in his face. "Relax. You have to pee, so pee!"He looked down at his dick and then closed his eyes. I felt his abs quiver a bit then sink into a relaxed position just as his piss stream erupted from the end of his fat, pink cock head.He had to pee a lot. As he relaxed into it, I realized I was casually and gently moving my hand up and down on his belly. It was unintentional, but it seemed to help him relax. After almost two minutes his pissing tapered off and he opened his eyes. He shook his dick then squeezed forward and back to get the last drops out. His foreskin popped over the head then slid back, moistened with the last drop of piss. My mouth was watering and the heat between my palm and his abs was intensifying."It's my turn. Just stand there." I kept one arm around him and aimed my dick at the toilet. I realized then that I was half hard from the body contact and the sight of his pissing cock. Leaving my foreskin over the head I let loose. The piss erupted from my nozzle and shot off several small streams at the same time, like a lawn sprinkler. Some of it landed on his thigh, but most of it landed in the bowl. I was concentrating on improving my aim but from the corner of my eye I saw him slowly rubbing the pee I'd splashed on him into his thigh. He was very deliberate about it and seemed to think I was not noticing.When my stream dried up, I squeezed forward to pinch the last drops from the end of my foreskin -- like squeezing a toothpaste tube. I didn't pull the skin back and shake it because I'm a bit of a pig and enjoy leaving my cock head moist and warm in its rubbery tube of skin. Then I turned my attention back to Mua and caught him staring at my prick. That was very interesting. I knew I was interested in his cock. Apparently he was interested in mine too.After flushing the toilet I said, "Okay. You need to sit down so you don't fall -- and you need a bath."I pushed him toward the tub and made him step in. He sat on the cold porcelain with his knees up. Some misplaced sense of modesty made him cover his crotch with his hands. "Relax. I just watched you pee, remember?" He fixed his gaze on his knees but relaxed his hands in his crotch. He was making a point of not looking at my moistened dick which was level with and inches from his cheek."Okay. How do you feel." He nodded three times with out speaking or looking at me. "Let's get you cleaned up. Watch your feet." I said as I leaned to turn on the spigot. My prick banged against his knee. I expected him to jerk it away but he held still then slowly pushed it against me.The water was cold at first and he jerked his heels in toward his scrawny butt. Trying not to make him even more uncomfortable, I watched water pour from the spigot and didn't look at his balls and ass between his spread knees, although I wanted to. After a minute or two the water warmed up. I looked at him and asked if it felt okay. He was bashful and nodded without making eye contact.I closed the stopper on the tub then straightened and back off a bit. As the warm water rose, he seemed to melt. His feet slid forward. His knees dropped. And his head tipped back with his eyes closed.It was hot watching him relax and virtually melt into the rising warm water. I stared freely at his crotch and torso without him noticing.He was intentionally keeping his eyes closed while we waited for the now steaming water to fill the tub. He probably knew I was watching, but did not want to acknowledge it. He was Asian and very, very skinny. Neither of which were my normal 'type.' Nevertheless, I found his naked, helpless body sinking into a tub of water totally fascinating. My dick started to thicken and rise.When the water was a couple of inches from the rim of the bathtub I reached in to turn it off. He opened his eyes and stared at me with a slightly frightened look. "Let me get you some soap," I said as I reached for the bar on a shelf above him.Without pause I dipped the soap in the water between his knees, worked it between my hands into a lather, then spread the suds across his upper chest and throat.His whole body stiffened and rose out of the water a bit, then as my slippery hands continued to massage his neck and shoulders he let out a sigh and sank back into the tub. His expression took on a look of curiosity and he slipped into a relaxed passivity, allowing me to raise his arms and scrub his biceps and forearms. I took each hand into both of mine - one at a time - and massaged his palm and between each finger. He closed his eyes again and surrendered completely.Working up more lather with the soap, I raised his arms and scrubbed firmly but also gently into his arm pits. The thick black hairs of his pits slid through my fingers and my dick got very hard.I massaged from his pits to his pecks and rubbed my palms over his erect nipples. At this point it was clear that he was getting turned on. His dick was half stiff and the plump head was pushing out from under his thick, dark foreskin. Yet, he kept his eyes closed, perhaps so he could be blameless for what I was doing to him.Pits and nipples turn me on so much that I couldn't stop myself from slipping one hand behind his neck and the other over his abs then leaning down and taking his left nipple gently between my lips, licking it and teasing it with my teeth.If he didn't want this he would have certainly responded aggressively. As it was, his breathing froze for several seconds then escaped his lips with an 'ahhhh' sound.His eyes remained tightly shut, but he raised both arms above his head to give me permission and access to his chest and armpits. I scooped up water and splashed it under his left arm to rinse away the soap, then I bent in and licked my tongue through the thick, black hair of his pit. A sigh, a deep sigh escaped his lips and his right hand clamped tightly on his left wrist to hold that arm up and above his head while I dug in with tongue and teeth, eating his armpit and occasionally dropping down to chew on his nipple.This was it. He wanted this. I switched attention from his right nipple and pit to the left. He leaned over slightly to give me better access. With his eyes still closed he groaned and whimpered freely.This was too hot to be able to stand much longer. I rose from his chest, stood, then stepped into the water between his legs. Clearly he was surrendering to me. He moved his hands down behind his neck, raising his elbows and exposing both pits even more. At the same time he raised and spread his knees as he felt me stepping into the water between them.My cock was painfully hard. I dipped the soap into the water then rubbed it on my dick until a thick lather covered it. I reached into the crook of his knees and raised him up until is butt hole was above the water. His shoulders sank below the water which then rose up to his chin. Still his hands were behind his neck. He seemed to have stopped breathing.Reaching down I placed my cock head against his hair-lined hole and, trusting the soap to provide lubrication, I leaned into him. My cock went in very slowly. His hole tightened to block at first then relaxed, reluctantly, and opened to my dick. The head passed through and the heat of his insides took my breath for a second. Slowly, I pushed, aiming further into his warmth and through the tight ring of his ass. He gasped but kept his eyes squeezed shut. His knees rose higher in both retreat and surrender. Two-thirds of the way into him I paused and just savored the moist, tight, heat on my cock and the thought that I was inside this stranger. The most sensitive part of my body was inside of this skinny, frightened, accepting, brown stranger.I had been both top and bottom with guys in the past, but this was the most intense situation I had ever been in. My balls were submerged in the warm water. His thighs rested on my lap. With an guff of air I shoved the last two inches of myself into him and he gasped with mouth open and eyes squeezed tightly shut. A tear formed in the corner of his left eye and I cupped his cheek with my hand and rubbed the tear away with my thumb. Since his face was in my hand, I pulled in and licked his lips. Again, his breathing froze but when he finally exhaled I both tasted and smelled this breath. I licked his lips. They parted, ready to allow my tongue inside, but I didn't go in.I ran my tongue over his lips, down to his chin then up to his nostrils. There I began to probe with the searching tip of my tongue I pushing lightly at first the left then right nostril. I tilted my head slightly and pretended to bite the tip of his nose, ever so gently.As I did that I put my hips in motion drawing out of his tight, hot ass to the very tip of my cock then with a controlled, smooth motion pushing in to the hilt - his ass pubes crowned the base of my dick.I don't know why I tongue fucked his nostrils while I started drilling his ass, but he moaned even louder and raised his butt higher out of the water to receive my cock.I fucked Mua. He received it with such pleasure that I believed he had been fucked before, but I didn't know that for sure. What if he was just weak from a concussion and vulnerable because he got caught in my house and was illegally in the country? Yet, he raised his legs and let me fuck him, and it wasn't just a surrender. His own thick, dark cock was rock hard. The skin had slipped behind the big pink head and constricted it, making it swell. My rhythm was slow and gentle at first but after a few minutes I became frantic about pushing my dick into this stranger who I had found in my house.After ten minutes of my plowing his breathing became ragged, his thighs pushed against my chest and he raised his hips high out of the water. His tight, stiff dick started quivering. I looked down and watched it erupt and spray pearly white semen onto Mua's face. He opened his mouth to catch what he could. He licked the cum from his lips, and stuck out his tongue to catch more. After several gut wrenching spasms, cum just oozed onto his chest and belly. With his eyes still closed, his tongue stretched and searched for more cum but could not reach it.It was spewed across his chest and looked so white and rich that I bent down and slurped it up. Every guy's cum tastes different. Mua's was thick and tasted of sperm protein, sweet clorine, and salt. I loved it and put my hands under the small of his back to raise him up so I could dig my tongue into the pooled cum in his belly button.His heat, surrender, and flavor pushed me over the edge. My hands slipped around to hold his hips more firmly while I started hammering his ass. My balls slapped in the water and splashed it front and back onto my own belly and ass.My dick head filled and swelled as spasms erupted in my gut. I spewed my cum into this guy, who I didn't even know, but it wasn't like a throw away, I deeply wanted him to take my cum and hold it inside, to want it and keep it and be happy that I gave it to him.In spite of the fact that he had already shot off, he arched his back and gasped as he felt me cumming inside him. It was almost as if he were having a second orgasm, as if his ass were sucking the sperm out of me, taking it rather than just receiving it. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I collapsed on top of him and my weight almost forced him completely underwater. I pushed against the end of the tub, setting my dick more firmly into his ass and pushing his head and shoulders above the water at the other end of the tub.His eyes were still closed but his mouth was open. The sloshing motion of the water had subsided. I kissed him with a full lips-on kiss. He hesitated briefly then energetically kissed me back, pushing his tongue into my mouth for me to suck on it.I pulled back and looked him in the face. Slowly, he opened his eyes and stared back at me. The tense, downward set of his eyebrows suggested regret and fear. Then I kissed his forehead and they relaxed. I dropped my head to his shoulder and pressed against him cheek to cheek. His arms dropped down and embraced me, pulling me in tightly. A final orgasmic spasm ran through me as I pushed out my last drops of semen into him. He sighed and licked my cheek.After drying off, I took Mua to my bed. He spooned against me and I pressed my resurgent dick into him again. I felt the moisture of my own cum surround it. That's how we fell asleep.In the morning Mua woke me by suckling my nipple and massaging my balls. Once I opened my eyes he slid down and took my cock into his mouth until he drew the sperm out of me and into his starving body. It was so much more intense than any blow job Scott had given me.-- BALI, SOME DAY --In the weeks that followed, I filled Mua with both food and myself until he added weight and shed that starved look. Nearly every day he ate my seed for breakfast. In the evenings, I took his and it tasted better and better every day as his health improved.For several months I wrote to NGOs in Indonesia about Mua's plight describing how I had found him in the attic of my house after he had been shafted by his previous sponsor. I didn't include the fact that I was shafting him now too. Eventually, they found him a new sponsor and money started flowing to him again. He was able to re-enroll at Penn and pick up his coursework where he left off. When he graduates he will have to go back to Bali and work off the obligations of his sponsorship. He convinced me with that very first blow job to follow him there. I'm gullible that way.

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